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The Keaton Chronicle Back Issues $5.00

Catch up on issues you may have missed! $5 each plus shipping, or choose any three for $10! Be sure to note which issues you'd like when you order.

Spring 2010

Buster's Daughter-In-Law Barbara Talmadge to Attend 2010 Buster Keaton Convention
For Auction: Six Red Glasses Bought and Owned by Buster & Natalie
Living it Up in Buster Keaton's Italian Villa by Faye Hueston
Keaton Statue to be Dedicated at 2010 Buster Keaton Convention
Searching for Buster: Close to Home by John Bengston
Filmmaker Jack Dragga Receives Second Porkpie Scholar Grant

Winter 2010

Separate Ways: The Cutlers after Keaton by Vergil E. Noble
Wallster Eeaton - a Keaton creation by Rachel Miles
2009 Actors' Colony Damfino Quiz by Quizmaster Sara Ackerman
Searching for Buster: Worth a Thousand Words by John Bengtson
Finding More Buster Stuff: 16mm Films and Books by Bruce Levinson

Autumn 2009

Awestruck in Damfinoland: A Newbie's View of the Muskegon Convention 2009
My Friend, Bob Talmadge: A Tribute by Vanessa Monegon
Searching for Buster: A Bridge Not Far by John Bengtson
Meet a Damfino: Marianne Cole

Summer 2009

Theater Film by Patricia Eliot Tobias
Silent Theater? The Boxer by Vicki Smith
The Strand by Mar-Jean Zamperini
Paul Merton, Britain's Patron Saint of Silent Comedy by Judy Dean
Keaton: The Musical, An Afternoon of Theater by Graceann Macleod
Searching for Buster: Buster and Stan by John Bengtson
What WAS That Little Car? by Mar-Jean Zamperini

Spring 2009

So What's All the Fuss About OUR HOSPITALITY? by Patricia Eliot Tobias
OUR HOSPITALITY: The British Connection by David Macleod
Saving the Bell: One boy's souvenir from a 1926 silent movie set has become an heirloom by Randy Bjornstad
Canadian Author Eileen Whitfield Recipient of First-Ever Porkpie Scholar Grant
Buster's Pants Mystery
President's Report by Patricia Eliot Tobias
Treasurer's Report by Beth Pederson
Photographic Tribute to BK
Dom Deluise (1933-2009)
Searching for Buster "On Track" by John Bengtson
Finding More Buster Stuff: The Wonders of eBay by Bruce Levinson

Winter 2009

WALL-E: or Buster Keaton and Friends
Keaton's Cameramen by Lisle Foote
Searching for Buster "Seventh Sense" by John Bengtson
Keaton Talmadge's Wedding - photos

Autumn 2008

Dam-Fine Discoveries -- Muskegon 2008 by Graceanne Macleod
Meet a Damfino: Evelyn Siple
Once a Damfino by Crystal Cann
Literary Buster: Smith Book Persistently Good by David B. Pearson
Searching for Buster "JAPAN" by John Bengtson
Porkpie Scholar Grant Program Announced

Summer 2008

Fitting In: Racial Stereotypes in Keaton Films, Part Two by Stephen Blackburn
Excerpts from a Conversation: Vergil E. Noble, David B. Pearson, and George Wead
Landmark from "The General" Destroyed in Fire by Lon Davis
Searching for Buster "Speed Cop" by John Bengtson

Spring 2008

Fitting In: Racial Stereotypes in Keaton Films by Stephen Blackburn
Vintage Articles: Buster Keaton Can Smile, and Yawn Too, If He Wishes (1922)
Things I Found Out About Buster Keaton Purely By Accident by Keven McQueen
Searching for Buster "Seven-Eleven" by John Bengtson

Winter 2008

His Mom's Relations: Buster Keaton's Cutler Kin by Vergil Noble
Vintage Articles: Only Three Weeks (1921)
The Lost Pilot: An Interview with Crystal White
Searching for Buster "Haunted Haunts" by John Bengtson

Fall 2007

Two Days and THREE AGES by Graceanne Macleod
The Damfinos 2007 Convention Quiz by Quizmaster Sara Ackerman
President's Report: State of the Affairs of the State by Patricia Eliot Tobias
Treasurer's Report 11/01/2006 to 10/31/2007 by Beth Pederson
Searching for Buster “Battling Biltmore” by John Bengtson
Little Buster Hats - Photo Feature

Summer 2007

Rosa Rio: The Sound of Silents by Shirley Stoll
The General Storms Carrboro, NC, Wins Hearts and Minds by Laura Nigro
Literary Buster by David B. Pearson
Searching for Buster “Spite Marriage” by John Bengtson
Buster Bursts into Stardom by Grace Kingsley, Los Angeles Times, May 16, 1920

Spring 2007

Thank You, Buster Keaton by Ken Mitchroney
A Visit with The General in Georgia by Brian Kirkpatrick
Meet the Board by Patricia Eliot Tobias
Searching for Buster “Framing Sherlock” by John Bengtson

Winter 2007

Eddie Cline: Kop Makes Good by Lisle Foote
Searching for Buster “Felicitous Ways” by John Bengtson
Buster Behind the Footlights by Patricia Ahktar

Autumn 2006

Damfinos Convention 2006 by Graceann Maciolek
Searching for Buster “Crossing Paths II” by John Bengtson
The Viewer’s Reviewer: Industrial Strength Keaton by Ranjit Sandhu

Summer 2006

Buster Keaton Conquers Canada by Eryn Merwart
Celebrating 80 Years of The General by Tim & Eirien Hart
Searching for Buster “Crossing Paths” by John Bengtson
$how Us the Money, Part III by David Weddle

Spring 2006

Buster Keaton in Transition by John McElwee
The Viewer’s Reviewer: The Sony Pictures Buster Keaton Collection by Brian Kirkpatrick
Searching for Buster “Browsing for Buster” by John Bengtson
From the Archives: Buster Bursts into Stardom by Grace Kingsley (May 16th, 1920)

Winter 2006

Publicizing Keaton & Winning New Fans by Anne Dawson, Damfinos Outreach Coordinator
Learn All About Buster Keaton Today! (or One Woman's Experience) by Beth Pederson
Keaton Quiz 2005 Answers by Jack Dragga
Keaton Statue Sells For $2.7 Million by Patty Tobias
Buster's Mug on TV: DeLuise Displays Damfinos Mug by Patty Tobias
Searching For Buster: Three Ages Found and Lost by John Bengtson.

Autumn 2005

Muskegon 2005 by Graceann Maciolek
It's a Wonderful Life! by Patty Tobias
Keaton Quiz by Jack Dragga
Searching For Buster: Seven Clues/Seven Chances by John Bengtson
Back in the Day by Patty Tobias.

Summer 2005

Lightning Ernie Orsatti by Lisle Foote
Searching for Buster "Goat Pairs" by John Bengtson
The 2005 Buster Award winners: The family of W.C. Fields

Spring 2005

A Train and a Chase by Lisle Foote
Buster Behind the Footlights (Keaton Alive and Well in Seattle by Tim & Eirien Hart
Steamboat Bill, Jr. at Chicago Silent Film Festival by Sten Erin
Searching for Buster "Candy Wraps" by John Bengtson
Literary Buster: "McPherson Book a Tempest in a Teapot" by David Pearson

Winter 2005

Character Studies: When Was It Made? by Tracey Doyle
Searching for Buster "The Lucky Corner" by John Bengtson

Autumn 2004

"A Party 10 Years in the Making" by Graceann Maciolek
"Fractured Flickers" by John Bengston

Summer 2004

"Keaton Talks! Buster's Transition to Sound" by Lisle Foote
"In Memory of Scott Hamilton" by Graceann Maciolek

Spring 2004

"Buster's Right-Hand Man" by Lisle Foote
"Go West Trivia" by John Bengston

Winter 2004

"A One-Woman Publicity Committee" by Anne Dawson
You'll Hang for This

Summer 2003

"Stunts, Movies...and Engineering?" by Patricia Eliot Tobias
Nope. Not Seabiscuit
"Buster's Bedroom: A Filmbook by Rebecca Horn" by Tim Hart
"11th Annual Iola Keaton Celebration Salutes Vaudeville" by Frank Scheide

Spring 2003

Memories of "The Keaton Bit" by Paul Petersen
"A Living Stoneface" by George Wead
"Entertainment of a Decidedly Unique Type" by Lisle Foote
"From the Archive" by Audrey McDonald Wladis

Winter 2003

"Visiting the Real General" by Heidi Crabtree
Like Father, Like Son

Autumn 2002

"The Damfinos Go to College" by Graceann Maciolek
"Keaton the Conjurer" by Ben Robinson

Summer 2002

"Finding Buster in a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" by Stephen H. Wood
"Show Us the Money" by David Weddle
10 Years of Iola
Civil War Museum Renamed, Renovated

Spring 2002

"The Cameraman: Elgin Lessley" by Lisle Foote
"Meet a New Damfino: Keaton Spencer Geist" by Pete Geist
"Buster's Headache" by Arturo Silva

Winter 2002

The Sandburg Reviews
"Blue Grassy Knoll: Buster Down Under" by Rob Arkus
Meet a Coupla Damfinos: Tim and Eirien Hart
"A "Bee" Meets Buster: Myla Goldberg Has a Crush" by Jo McNichols

Autumn 2001

"Family Reunion in Muskegon" by Grace Maciolek
"Back to the Villa Pt. 2" by Katharine Ball
"Buster in Screenland" by Lisle Foote
"Buster Keaton's Suit Remembered" by Lisa Tatge

Summer 2001

"Not Doughboys: The Fix Bayonets Story" by Heidi Crabtree
Meet a Damfino-Mike Francis/Nancy Beiman

Spring 2001

"Big Joe Roberts: The Gentle Giant" by Karen Landers
"The Other Career of Big Joe Roberts" by Rob Arkus
"Following in Buster's Tracks" by Katharine Ball
"Who Was Johnnie Gray, Anyway?" by Lisle Foote

Winter 2001

The Villa Photos
"Re-viewing Battling Butler" by Lisle Foote
From the Archives: "Be a Research Detective" by Martha Jett
"Sherwin's Big Adventure" by Sherwin Borsuk

Autumn 2000

"The Frozen North (Convention 2000)" by Janice Sopicki
French Stewart interview by Dan Lybarger
Meet A Damfino (Jennifer Kramer)

Summer 2000

"Birmingham in 1963: On Tour with Buster/The Mystery of the Mug" by Don Logay
The Buster Award: Kevin Brownlow
Anita Page: Then and Now
articles by Martha Jett and Bart Williams
Damfinos Support Rx Laughter
Marceline Day: 1908-2000
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: 1909-2000

Autumn/Winter 1999/2000

special double issue
"Three Men (and Buster) on a Horse" by Frank Buxton
"Buster - er, Merton of the Movies" by Janice Agnello
"7 Chances, 1 Week and 2 Weddings" by Mary V.
What the Critics Said About "The Bachelor"

Summer 1999

"The Story of Mildred Millard" by Frank Scheide
"The Dollhouse Diary" by David B. Pearson

Spring 1999

"The House That Buster Built" by David B. Pearson
Meet A Damfino : Shoko Ohgawara
"Re-viewing 'Sherlock Jr.'" by Lisle Foote
"Into the Vault" by Heidi Crabtree
"'Lost' Treasure Found (The Cook)" by Patricia Eliot Tobias
"Episode One: The Phantom Comedian" by Tom Bertino

Winter 1999

Eleanor Keaton : "A Remarkable Woman" by Damfinos from around the world.

Autumn 1998

"From The Archive" by Audrey McDonald Wladis
Guest Editorial:
"The AFI List" by Otto S. Badum

Summer 1998

"The Hard Luck Ship" by Patricia Eliot Tobias
"Buster Keaton" by Jason Stryker
Review of a Slapstick Encyclopedia Vol.4

Spring 1998

"Shake the Hand that Shook the Hand" by Leonard Maltin
"The Italian Villa" by Bart Williams
"Scott Nankivel's One-Man Show" by Steve Friedman and Maggie Buehler

Winter 1998

"The Friendship of Loyal Lucas and Buster Keaton" by Geraldine Hawkins
1997 Damfinos Convention
Iola Celebration
Buster Awards
Interview with Dody Goodman

Autumn 1997

"Believing in Make-Believe: An Interview with Mel Brooks" by Dan Lybarger
"Buster Keaton Gets Faxed" by Eugene Stein
A Tribute to David Gill

Summer 1997

"The 'Mattress' Tour: Next Best Thing to Broadway"
Review of American Silents

Spring 1997

"The Adventures of Mr. Pastry" by David Macleod
Two Keaton Comic Strips (one old, one new)

Winter 1997

"Damfinos Return to Muskegon" by Tracey Doyle
"4th Iola Celebration Brings Keaton Fans from around the World" by John Bengtson
"Searching for Buster" by John Bengtson
Walter Kerr obituary

Autumn 1996

"The Buster Keaton I Knew" by Bartine Burkett
(introduction by Mark Jungheim)
Meet a Damfino: Wendy Tobias
Maltin Wins 1996 Buster
Buster in Vaudeville

Summer 1996

"In His Own Words" (TV interview with Buster Keaton conducted by Dean Miller)
"B.K. in the U.K." by David Macleod
Keaton at TV & Radio Museum

Spring 1996

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. on Working With Buster Keaton: "A Beautiful Actor" by Dan Lybarger
"With Buster in Walt Disney World" by Leonard Maltin
"Remembering Mr. Everson" by Frank Scheide

Winter 1996

"Mr. Butt & Co." by Joe Keaton
Meet a Couple of Damfinos: Dan Kamin and Carol Fryday
We Have a Winner!

Autumn 1995

"The Damfinos Convention: On the Shores of Lake Muskegon" by John Bengtson
Meet a Damfino: Rochelle Goldman
"3rd Annual Kansas Event" by Dan Lybarger
"Silent Movie Celebrates Centennial" by Melanie Thompson
Help the Damfinos Buy the Buster Statues
1st Buster Award Presented in Kansas

Summer 1995

Peter Jones: Hollywood is in His Blood
Meet a Damfino: Melanie Thompson
Television Discovers Buster Keaton
"Society for Cinema Studies Features Keaton" by Geraldine Hawkins
Motion Picture Academy Says "Happy Birthday, Buster"

Spring 1995

"Notes on the Video Restoration" by David Shepard
"About the Instrument: Style 20 Special American Fotoplayer" by Joseph Rinaudo
At Kino, Buster is Big Business
"'An Evening with Buster Keaton' is Big Success" by Randy Lambert
"Silent Movie Music & Sherlock Jr." Discussed by Tommy Webb
"Rejection of the Porkpie Hat" by Dunkel Scheinwerfer
The General Poster Sells for $46,000
Muskegon Exhibit Open

Winter 1995

"Well Worth the Wait" by Patricia Eliot Tobias
Meet a Damfino: George Douglas
"Three 'New' Keaton Films Discovered" by David Macleod
"And One More for Good Measure" by Ed Watz
Silent Movie Celebrates Buster's Birthday

Autumn 1994

"The Florida Fiasco" by Christopher Carmen
Kino Video announcement
"A Brief Lesson on How to Make a Porkpie Hat" by Henry Gris
Iola Honors Buster Keaton Sept. 24
"Movies Mime" by R.D. Barbata

Summer 1994

"Unseen Keaton: A Session with Buster Keaton" by Larry Blumsack
with photos by the author
"Hirschfeld: Through the Eyes of Genius?" Part II by David Leopold
Woof! Meow! It's the Buster Pets!
Bartine Burkett and Jane Dulo obituaries
Another Keaton Stamp

Spring 1994

"Hirschfeld: Through the Eyes of Genius?" Part I by David Leopold
"My Friend Buster Keaton" by James Karen
Buster in Vaudeville
"Keaton at the Circus" by Walter Pavlich

Winter 1994

"The Lost General" by Dick Kishpaugh
Keaton Stamp
Keaton Sign in Piqua Dedicatory Speech
"Elevating Keaton to Chaplin Heights" by Wes Gehring

Autumn 1993

"Story of a Lost Film" by Jack Warner, Jr.
Keaton Symposium in Piqua, Kansas
Text of Piqua Sign
"How I Came to Write 'The Complete Films of Buster Keaton'" by Jim Kline
Buster Keaton's Voice: Two Responses
Poem by Wes Gehring
Buster News

Summer 1993

Benny and Joon Keatonesque
A Talking Silent Comedian

Spring 1993

A Visit With Eleanor
The Keaton Marketplace
History of a Keaton Gag
A Battle Fought and Won

Winter 1993

Keaton Fans Unite
Rare Keatoniana
Buster and the Muskegon Connection

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